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The Geiger–Müller tube

The Geiger–Müller tube or G–M tube is used for the detection of ionizing radiationThe Geiger–Müller tube or G–M tube is used for the detection of ionizing radiation

Geiger–Müller Tube or GM Tube

The Geiger–Müller tube or G–M tube is the sensing element of the Geiger counter instrument used for the detection of ionizing radiation. It is named after Hans Geiger, who invented the principle in 1908, and Walther Müller, who collaborated with Geiger in developing the technique further in 1928 to produce a practical tube that could detect a number of different radiation types.

New Geiger Counter, Mini size design inspired by a pen that can be hung.

New Geiger Counter, Mini Size Design inspired by a pen that can be hung.New Geiger Counter, Mini Size Design inspired by a pen that can be hung.

New Geiger Counter, Mini Size Design inspired by a pen that can be hung.

You can put this dosimeter in your pocket for easy carrying.

You can hang this dosimeter on your drone, it is super lightweight and easy to fly.

You can plug the dosimeter into a USB charger and place it in a corner of your home for long-term detection of invisible rays. Just like the gas leak detection alarm machine…

Keeping you and your family safe from nuclear radiation.

how to detector nuclear radiation?how to detector nuclear radiation?

The Geiger Counter from Bsod


Working environment: temperature-20℃~50℃; humidity <95%RH without condensationBattery life:50Hour(continuous measurement screen sleep)Charging interface: TYPE-C interface (green light is always on when charging, full off)Press the on/off button once, start / Long press the on/off button for 3 seconds, turn off Package

1 x Personal Geiger Counter Radiation Detector1 x Manual1 x USB Charging cable

Technical Parameter of Geiger Counter Sensor: 48mm Geiger counter tube Weight: 19g Measuringrange:0.05uSv~50mSv Measurementaccuracy:-17%~+25%basedon137Csy Size: Dia 5/8” * L 4 1/8 ”(15.3mm*108mm) Battery life:50Hour(continuous measurement screen sleep) Charging time:2~3Hours

Hazards of nuclear radiation

What can nuclear radiation cause?What can nuclear radiation cause?

Damage to the human body and possible symptoms

For people who are not exposed to radiation in their daily work, normal natural radiation per year: mainly because the radon radiation in the air is 1000-2000 microsieverts. Radiation <100 microsieverts has no effect on human body. For radiation-related workers, the annual radiation is less than or equal to 50.000 microsieverts. A one-time exposure to 4000 mSv will cause serious damage to human functions!

Radiation dose and human response list

Dose (Rum) Reaction

5~20 May have delayed reactions; may damage chromosomes

20~100 Temporary decrease in white blood cells

100~200 Mild radiation sickness within hours: vomiting diarrhea, fatigue; decreased resistance to infection.

200~300 Severe radiation sickness reaction the symptoms are the same as above this exposure is a lethal dose, and 10%~35%ofthe exposed people die after 30 days.The LD is(10~35)/30

300~400 Severe radiation sickness damage to bone marrow and intestine;LD is (50~70)/30

400~1000 Emergency,premature death;LD is(60~95)/30

1000~5000 Emergency, death within days; LD 100/10

radiological hazards in foodradiological hazards in food

Why test the marble for radiation?Why test the marble for radiation?

Long term radiation detectorLong term radiation detector

How can pregnant women protect themselves from radiationHow can pregnant women protect themselves from radiation

Irradiated Foods

Delicious ‘radiation on toast’ wouldn’t be your first choice of breakfast but a surprising amount of everyday snacks are radioactive

Most of our foods are exposed to radiation. Most of them we bought from market and grocery have the less quantity of several key nutrients due to irradiation.

The nutrients are, Vitamin E, Thiamin Riboflavin, Pyridoxine, Vitamin B12, etc.

Irradiation is good for the health of foods to restore but somewhere harmful to the human health. Though it is not possible to avoid the irradiated foods in our daily life, We’d better know the radiation measurements and then we should try to get them organic and fresh.

Marble Radiation

Detecting radon in the renovated home and whether it exceeds the limit? Protect your health.

Marble produces a colorless, odorless gas called Radon which is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. According to the world health organization, Rn is the second largest carcinogen after smoking in lung cancer.

Radiation Alerts

Set the value and measurement, use the USB power supply all the time and hang it in a corner of your house. When the radiation level is exceeded, the Bsod geiger counter will alert you and flash a red light.

At this time you can take some measures, such as taking the appropriate amount of iodine …

Especially for families living in seaside cities, it can be used as home nuclear survival gear. Reference 1946 bikini atoll nuclear tests and the nuclear submarine that sank underwater…

Personal Radiation Dosimeter

A dosimeter is an instrument used to measure ionizing radiation exposure (via alpha or beta particles, neutrons, gamma rays, or x-rays) in a science called dosimetry. It is an essential tool for people who work in situations where they are exposed to radiation.

Dosimeters are used to ensure that a harmful dose of radiation is not received over a given period of time. Governing bodies have standards for occupational radiation protection and control. The main goal of a dosimeter is to maintain an occupational dose as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).

Radiation is extremely harmful to humans and can be deadly when people are exposed to high doses of radiation(Especially for pregnancy and children). Dosimeters inform and alert people when radiation levels are too high so that they can evacuate the exposure area and avoid radiation poisoning.

Nuclear power plant radiationNuclear power plant radiation

Near nuclear power plants

Living near a nuclear power plant does not pose a risk and according to experts, it is safe to live near a nuclear power plant. However, the only problem with nuclear power plants is the accidents linked to it which are extremely rare.

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5.51 x 2.56 x 1.14 inches; 0.67 Ounces
Item model number ‏ : ‎ Geiger counter Mini
Batteries ‏ : ‎ 1 CR2 batteries required. (included)
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ October 12, 2022
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ bosenda
Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ China

[Application] Geiger counter radiation detector can detect the radiation level of any environment such as living, medical, high-risk environment, and any object at any time, such as detecting radiation of toys, antiques, building materials, furniture, decorations, food, etc, and personal protection, who are easily exposed to radiation such as supervisors, pregnant women, etc, health insurance and a good gift for a friend.
[Function] The Geiger radiation detector can detect beta rays, gamma rays and X-rays almost instantaneously, and the radiation dose data is updated in real time every second. The electric radiation detector has an excellent detection range of 0.01-999 uSv/h. This range can be used to detect up to 999 Sieverts or 99,900 rem. and geiger counter with OLED display. Smart, bright, energy saving, safe.
[How GM works]Geiger counters are designed according to the principle of the ionization properties of rays to gases. From Geiger and Müller in 1928. Technological advancement, now, you can put this compact GM tube size and dual mode Geiger counter/dosimeter in your pocket, just flick the switch, maybe it will help you avoid unseen harm.
[Service&Certificate] provides one-year warranty service, please contact us if you have any questions after receiving the Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector, and we will answer your confusion one by one.emf radiation meter with FCC, CE, ROSH etc certifications


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