radiation poisoning

How to Avoid Radiation Poisoning When the Unthinkable Happens

[ad_1] While many preppers are preparing to survive a nuclear strike, I think the focus should be on preparing to…

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sawyer mini water filter

Sawyer Mini vs. LifeStraw – Which Is The Best?

[ad_1] Find out why the Sawyer Mini beats the LifeStraw as the best portable water filter for camping, backpacking, and…

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off grid living

Keep Your House Cool Without Air Conditioning

[ad_1] How we keep our off the grid house cool all summer long during hot Kentucky summers without any air…

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survival hacks

25 Survival Items You Can Make At Home

[ad_1] Learning to make survival items will save you money now and make life easier after SHTF. Here are 25…

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bug out location

What To Do If You Don’t Have A Bug Out Location

[ad_1] If you can afford a remote piece of land or if you have friends in the countryside, great. But…

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bug out bag

My 10 must have items for a Bug Out Bag-Part 2

[ad_1] By BadVooDooDaddy This post really made me think about what those top 10 items would be. I had to…

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survival kit

Rule of Threes: The Basic Guide To Survival | Survival Life

[ad_1] Want to know how long you can survive without food, water, or shelter? Just remember the survival “Rule of…

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