RiskOrb 2023 Upgrade Drone with 1080P Dual Camera for Adults/Kids/Beginners,540° Obstacle Avoidance,Optical Flow Positioning,3D Flip,Remote Control FPV Video ESC Camera, Foldable Pro Quadcopter,Toys Gift for Boys/Girls ,2 Batteries

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Product Description


2023 Upgrade 540° Obstacle Avoidance RiskOrb Foldable 1080P HD Dual Camera Drone for Adults and Kids

Grab your drone and go start your adventure!

Best Gifts for Beginners & Kids

XS011 避障XS011 避障

XS011 光流定位XS011 光流定位

XS011 1080P HD Dual CameraXS011 1080P HD Dual Camera

540° Smart Obstacle Avoidance

5 directions obstacle avoidance,the drone’s front,rear, left and right,and up directions perceive obstacles and intelligently avoid obstacles to provide protection for your flight.


Since the obstacle avoidance process relies on the light reflection concept, light will have an impact on the outcome. The obstacle avoidance effect might not work in a complex lighting situation or when it comes into contact with impediments like glass that have a high light permeability.

Optical Flow Positioning & Intelligent Height Setting

Stable hovering without shaking like a hummingbird, novices can easily operate.

1080P HD Remote Control ESC Camera

Cool photography experience:

100° electric angle adjustment,remote control ESC camera.1080P quality HD output110° wide angle shot.

More Camera functions:

FPV Transmission/50 X Zoom/Gesture Photo & VideoMV Mode/One-click Sharing to Social Networks

A+ easy to playA+ easy to play

Friendly UX Design,Easy to Play

One-Key Calibration:Before your flight, you can one-key calibrate the directions of drone expediently.One-Key Take Off / Landing: Press the button to start or land the drone with one button, which is very convenient for beginners One-key Emergency Stop: when there is an emergency, long press the emergency stop button, you can immediately stop flying to avoid danger3 Speeds Switch: Camera drone has 3-adjustable speeds allows beginners/kids to quickly master the function, and also allows advanced players to enjoy the fun of shiftingHeadless Mode: Under this mode, you can play the drone without worring about what direction it is facing

Fun Features for a Rich Experience

360 flips360 flips

Hand Gesture Photo/VideoHand Gesture Photo/Video

XS011 轨迹飞行XS011 轨迹飞行

360° Flips & Rolls

Our drone with camera can perform 360° flips and rolls stunt, makes fly more attractive.

Hand Gesture Photo/Video

Show “V” or “palm” gesture to let the camera drone recognize and take pictures or video.

Trajectory Flight

You can define an exact flying route on the App map, the drone will fly following the path, brings you wonderful flying experiences.

XS011 功能配置+包装XS011 功能配置+包装

Configuration List

Flagship Configuration

Follow Me/One-Key Return/MV Modes/APP Control/VR Modes/Gravity Control/Gesture Control/REV/…..

There are a lot of wonderful functions to play .Fly the drone and explore them!

Packing List

1xDrone1xObstacle Avoider1xStorage Bag1xRemote Control2xBody Battery + 1xCharging Cable1xScrewdriver3xManual4xProtective frame4xGuard Cover + 2xFan Blade Cap2xSpare Fan Blade

Warm TipsWarm Tips

Warm Tips

Before flying, make sure the battery is completely charged.It is best to fly directly with the remote control. Please practice indoors first before flying in open space.It is recommended that beginners do not fly in strong winds. Flying high, please take care not to be blown away by the wind.It is recommended to use the third gear flying speed in a windy environment, otherwise, the drone may lose control because it cannot withstand the wind.The remote control distance should not exceed 100 feet, otherwise, it may cause the drone to lose control.The drone will flash a red light when the battery is low, please fly backward as soon as possible to avoid a fallIf you need to take photos or videos, it is recommended that the fly drone should not be too far away from the subject to ensure better shooting results.When the remote control battery is low, it will not be able to connect, please pay attention to keeping the remote control battery full.

Camera pixels
1080P 1080P 720P 1080P

Dual Camera

Obstacle Avoidance Angle
540° 270° 360°

Optical Flow Positioning

2 Batteries

LED Light


360 Flips

Gesture Photo/Video

Trajectory Flight

🛸【Simple to Play】— The user-friendly UX design makes it simple for beginners to play. The camera drone has three adjustable speeds, allowing beginners and children to quickly master the function while also allowing advanced players to enjoy the fun of shifting. In low-speed mode, One Key Calibration/Start/Landing, Emergency Stop, Headless Mode, and Altitude Hold are all available. The best option for beginners, with plenty of fun.
🛸【Positioning of Optical Flow】— For beginners and photographers, the Optical Flow Positioning function assists the drone in achieving excellent performance in precise positioning and photo taking. When used in conjunction with the base feature Altitude Hold Mode, you can lock the altitude and position more precisely, like a hummingbird, and shoot HD photos and videos steadily.
🛸【1080P HD ESC Dual Camera】The RiskOrb drone has two 1080P HD cameras, and the front ESC camera can be rotated 100° with a remote control. Suitable for selfies and videography. Take pictures and videos whenever you want and share them on social media as soon as possible. Remote Control ESC, FPV Transmission, 50 X Zoom, Gesture Photo & Video, One-Click Sharing to Social Networks, MV Mode. There are numerous features to provide a fun photography experience.
🛸【Flying is more enjoyable】— Our camera-equipped drone can perform 360° flips and rolls, making flying more appealing. You can draw an exact flight path on the App map, and the drone will fly along it, providing you with amazing flying experiences. Make a “V” or “palm” gesture to allow the camera drone to recognize you and take photos or videos. Follow me mode can detect moving people and focus the camera on them.
🛸【Safe design and long flight time】— The RC quadcopter has propeller guards to keep you safe while flying. High-quality ABS material and an emergency stop function alleviate your concerns about a shock or drop. To prevent accidents caused by incorrect charging, the upgraded charging cable employs imported chips for overvoltage protection. 2 batteries for an ultra-long flight time of up to 16-24 minutes. When the drone’s battery is low, the lights continue to flash, you can operate it return to avoid loss.


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