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Korth is the named used by two brothers, Rick and Rudy Lala, for their knife making endeavor. The Lala brothers live in Brazil and they produce some ground breaking work. Aside from their knives, which I’ll get to shortly, the Lala brothers are co-inventors of the Ikoma Korth Bearing System (IKBS) which is used by many knife makers as the opening/closing mechanism for their knives. The knives created by Rick and Rudy are quite good but what is especially remarkable are the pieces featuring carved handles and frames. These two make a great team with Rick building the knife and Rudy doing the carving. Other makers do carve knife handles, however, the carving on the Korth knives is unique in it’s style. It has been my privilege to handle many of their knives and I would like to share photos of some of those I have had. I hope you enjoy; This particular model knife is called the Amazona. The Korth carved skulls tend to be the most highly sought after pieces. This model is called the Coyote. This is a more recent piece done in an Art Deco style. The model is called the Sentry. Here is another Sentry with a Hanya (Traditional Japanese figure of a women so jealous she has become a monster and has grown horns) carving. Another Sentry model with a skeleton carving. Another skeleton, this one smoking a cigar. Skull and snake design. A Stinger model with Dragon. Grim Reaper. This is the most recent and I feel the most detailed and spectacular piece done to date. This is the Reptile model featuring a skeleton with legs crossed leaning on a cane smoking a cigar and wearing a top hat! Back of the Reptile with a pocket clip carved to look like a serpent climbing a tree. Notice the Spade standing out on it’s own; the skeleton has a playing card in his hat band that is a Spade. Korth knives have become a hot collectible and are unique and extremely cool!


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