Augason Farms READY PLUS Breakfast Emergency Food Supply | 30-Year Shelf Life

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Do you own a bug-out bag or 72-hour emergency kit? If so, give it a boost with an Augason Farms READY PLUS Breakfast emergency food pouch. You’ll have an additional 5,960 calories and 220 grams of protein to add to your supply of survival food, which helps improve your self-sufficiency and food security in a crisis. Extra calories and protein are essential if you are highly active and burn above-average calories. You’ll also have five breakfast varieties (including vitamin-fortified milk powder!), so you and your family or group have plenty of breakfast options to choose from, and everyone will have a meal that they will thoroughly enjoy. And the Dried Whole Egg Powder can be used in various ways—scrambled eggs, breakfast burritos, baked goods, and more. The ways to use READY PLUS BREAKFAST pouches do not end at emergencies. The lightweight and easy-to-transport pouches make them the perfect freeze-dried camping food and outdoor food supply. No refrigeration is required, and the puncture-resistant pouches take up very little room in the camper, truck, or trailer. FOOD SUPPLY INCLUDES: Morning Moo’s Lowfat Milk Alternative (20 servings/1,400 calories), Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal (10 servings/1,200 calories), Strawberry-Flavored Creamy Wheat (8 servings/1,440 calories), Buttermilk Pancake Mix (6 servings/960 calories), and Dried Whole Egg Powder (12 servings/960 calories). Based on storage conditions, Augason Farm’s freeze-dried emergency food has an up to 25-year shelf life; buttermilk pancakes last up to 30 years.
BOOST CALORIES & PROTEIN: An ideal way to add calories and protein to your existing disaster emergency kit or to kick start your emergency preparedness goals
LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE POUCHES: Soft-sided pouches are a convenient and budget-friendly way to store and transport your emergency food supply
FLAVOR-PACKED SURVIVAL FOOD: Four hot breakfasts are included (36 servings) plus low fat powdered milk (20 servings) to help keep you energized in a crisis
EASY FOOD PREP: Just add water and cook for 12 to 15 minutes (milk is ready by adding water and mixing until dissolved). Be sure to pick up 2.2 gallons of water for food prep (plus more for drinking); visit Augason Farms brand page for emergency water solutions.
FOOD FOR ALL AGES: Young children and adults alike love the hearty and satisfying meals; there’s something for everyone
DOUBLES FOR OUTDOORS: A lightweight, refrigerator-free way to haul and prepare great-tasting camping food


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