focopot Universal Rifle Cleaning Kit for .223 5.56 .308 7.62 .410 .22 Cal, Gun Cleaning Kit for Hunting Handgun Shotgun Pistol All Guns

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Product Description

gun cleaning kitgun cleaning kit

focopot Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is used for cleaning various caliber pistols, shotguns, rifles, handguns and more. The all-in-one gun cleaning kit makes cleaning easier and the risk of a broken firearm is greatly reduced.

If any gun cleaning accessories are missing or damaged,please let us know and we will replace them for you immediately.

Order today and get ready for hunting season!

ar cleaning kitar cleaning kit

Rifle Cleaning KitRifle Cleaning Kit

ar 15 cleaning kitar 15 cleaning kit

Size Labels

All parts are labeled with the corresponding size, so it is very convenient and easy to choose the right size and put it back in the right place.

Bronze Bore Brushes

The brass brushes are made of high quality brass, which is not easy to bend or fall off. 14 standard brass brushes can be used for all calibers.

Cotton Mops

Cleaning mop made of 100% cotton with a copper core. Easier to absorb grease, residual solvents and other residues.

rifle cleaning kitrifle cleaning kit

gun clean brushgun clean brush

clean kit for gunclean kit for gun

gun clean kit Universalgun clean kit Universal

focopot Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

3x solid brass rods for .17-.270 caliber rifles3x solid brass rods for .30 caliber rifles, pistols, shotguns and muzzle loaders3x utility brass brushes; 3x muzzle guards; 3x accessory adapters14x bronze brushes; 9x cotton mops12x spear pointed jags; 1x black powder jag4x slotted patch loops; 2x empty oil bottles50x 3×3″ cleaning patches

focopot Universal Gun Cleaning Kitfocopot Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

focopot Universal Gun Cleaning Kit:This kit contains professional specific tools and accessories to effectively clean and maintain various parts of gun and can be used for cleaning all types of hunting rifle handgun shotgun pistol.
Components Include:3 solid brass rods for .17-.270 caliber rifles, 3 solid brass rods for .30 caliber rifles, pistols, shotguns and muzzle loaders,14 bronze brushes, 9 cotton mops,12 spear pointed jags,1 black powder jag,3 utility brass brushes,3 muzzle guards,3 accessory adapters,4 slotted patch loops,50 cotton patches and 2 oil bottles.
Portable Carrying Case:All the parts you need in a lightweight, durable carrying case. The accessories and case are marked with caliber scales and can be easily put back in place after use. With this rifle cleaning kit, you can keep your guns at peak performance at all times.
After-Sales Service:focopot gun cleaning accessories adapter and cleaning rod are made of excellent quality material, which can prevent damage to the inside of the barrel and are very durable.If you encounter any problems during the use of the gun cleaning kit, or have parts missing, please feel free to contact us, we’ll be glad to help you.


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