GOLDACE Stainless Steel Camping Gear and Equipment – Campfire Cooking Accessories Set – Radiate Portable Round Cookware – Dutch Oven Camping Cookware – Outdoor Camp Tripod Cooking, Silver

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Product Description

How to use triangle plate with iron chainHow to use triangle plate with iron chain

Manually polished stainless steel triangle plateManually polished stainless steel triangle plate

Triangular plate is used together with stainless steel chainTriangular plate is used together with stainless steel chain

QIVEN packaging displayQIVEN packaging display

The stainless steel triangle plate is artificially finely polished, without sharp edges, and feels comfortable. The quality is very solid and reliable, so there is no need to worry about cracking during use.

The length of the stainless steel chain can be raised and lowered freely, and the height of the hook can be adjusted according to the height of the flame at the scene. The chain is very strong and can hang close to 70 pounds.

The storage box is made of synthetic cowhide with a slightly darker natural texture. The sewing process strictly adopts the sewing standard of 1 inch 9-10 stitches to ensure that the thread will not fall off and will not crack. The triangle plate and the iron chain can be easily put into the storage box after use, which is small and light.

QIVEN leather case display pictureQIVEN leather case display picture

QIVEN leather case back display pictureQIVEN leather case back display picture The latest upgrade of the back of the leather case

This year, we optimized the product and added the waist loop function to the leather case. The belt can be passed through the waist loop and worn around the waist, which brings more convenience to outdoor travel.

The way it is worn on a belt

The upgraded leather case can be worn on the belt and is not easy to lose when going out camping. It is also very convenient and quick to take the triangle plate and chain in the box.

The perforation width of the waist loop is 2.6 inches, and most belts and waistbands can be passed through.

Tripod for camping and picnic that can be supported by branches

Tripod supported by wooden sticksTripod supported by wooden sticks

When having a picnic outdoors, you can use the existing branches, bamboo, and steel bars around you to quickly support the tripod, which is very convenient and fast, and saves effort.


Insert the iron pin at one end of the iron chain into any one of the iron chain rings, then pass the iron chain through the round hole in the center of the triangle plate, and the iron chain is suspended.

Camping picnic cooking scene pictureCamping picnic cooking scene picture

Successfully set up a tripod, you can start your camping picnic, and enjoy a happy camping picnic and barbecue time with family and friends.

The height of the hanging chain can be adjusted to the flame according to actual needs. It can be used with outdoor cooking appliances such as Dutch ovens, coffee pots, teapots, and kettles. Stove bracket can be quickly assembled and disassembled, compact storage, small size after storage, light weight, easy to carry, it is an essential tool for outdoor adventure, camping
Fine workmanship, round polished, without any sharp edge marks, strong and durable
Suitable for outdoor camping, traveling, hiking, adventure, herders, rescue, extreme survival
It can be used in the seaside, lakeside, riverside, wilderness, forest, bamboo forest, just 3 small wooden sticks or bamboo, you can quickly build a fire pit, easy and convenient. Please watch the video for how to use it.


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