Grill Trade Firestarters 50 pcs | Natural Fire Starters for Fireplace, Wood Stove, Campfires, Fire Pit, BBQ, Chimney, Pizza Oven | All Weather Charcoal Starters Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor Eco Friendly

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Pine WoodPine Wood

What’s the best way of lighting a fire? We believe: the old fashioned one.

Latest discoveries of fireplaces in South Africa show, that our ancestors used fire since around one million years ago. Today we know: whoever started this “movement” (so to say) really was onto something there. As we all know the invention of fire was a global story of success and it is still ongoing today. Most of us really enjoy a warm campfire or a delicious barbecue. But you’ve got to get it started somehow, right? So what scientists discovered in the South African cave was that whoever made a fireplace there used sticks and dry leafs to do so. We believe that the best way to start a good old fire is to just use natural materials instead of chemical ones. That’s why our GrillTrade Firestarter is made of pinewood wool and natural waxes.

Camp FireCamp Fire

Made of pinewood – safe for cooking

As mentioned before we use pinewood wool and natural waxes for our GrillTrade Firestarter. And there are many good reasons to do so. Here’s one of them. We wanted to make a product, that can be used for many different fields of application. For example you can use them to start campfires, chimneys or barbecue grills. There are two very important aspects in the field of cooking. First: What you don’t want is to inhale toxic chemical fumes for example. Therefore you shoudn’t use chemical firestarters but natural ones. Second: You don’t want your quality barbecue meat to taste funny. And that’s exactly what our firestarters avoid. They burn very clean and won’t give taste or odor to your food.

Kindling FireKindling Fire

We DID start the fire. And so will you.

As the name already suggests: our product easily starts your fire. And it is commonly known, that for a fire to start oxygen is needed. That’s the reason our GrillTrade Firestarters are curled up lightly, so they just get enough oxygen to catch fire. But don’t worry, they don’t light up in under a second like a fireball, but just slow enough for you to be safe. As soon as they ignite, they will burn steadily for eight to ten minutes which is a timespan long enough to get your fireplace burning, even when the logs used might not be bone dry every time. Just take two to three firestarters in this case and it will all work out in the blink of an eye. No need to use paper anymore or even liquid firestarters. No poisonous fumes and almost no ashes left.


Use our firestarters for ´whatever you like. We’ve got your back.

Since our GrillTrade Firestarter is all natural, you can really use it on a wide variety of occasions such as campfires (even if you use them in light wind and rain), pizza ovens (you can easily start your pellets with them, without having to deal with any smell or leftovers in the oven), barbecues or chimneys. But not only are the pellets all natural themselves, but they also come in a cardboard packaging made of recycled paper instead of a plastic packaging. So you don’t have to worry about any plastic waste when buying our product.

Pine WoodPine Wood

Natural Wood Product

Camp FireCamp Fire

Non-Toxic Materials

Kindling FireKindling Fire



Fire where you need it


Sharing food with others – a worldwide sign of hospitality

Humans are usually very social beings since day one of human existence. We understood that we need each other, because it was a necessity back when the environmental circumstances were very challenging or even life threatening. So we learned, that we could survive better, if we cooperated with other humans. And that both parties could take profit of a so to say diplomatic way of treating each other instead of forcing ones will on them. We learned that hospitality is an important foundation of human interaction. So, there is this one very important and traditional way of showing others hospitality, which is sharing food. Of course, sharing food also has its roots back in the time of us being cavemen. Because what it really boils down to is the fact that we help other humans stay alive by giving them food for free. So why not celebrate human existence with a fine barbecue to share with friends and family?

A Firestarter for every occasion

Camping FireCamping Fire

Pizza OvenPizza Oven



How about making memories around a campfire? We can help you.

There are beautiful memories that we just never seem to forget. Memories so valuable that we lock them in our hearts and throw away the keys. For example, the first kiss. Or the moment when we were kids and someone gifted us with a cute puppet or a pocketknife. Or that moment we did something for the very first time and got so overwhelmed by it. The first time diving in the ocean or visiting a foreign country. One of these memories for many people is camping somewhere in the mountains and making a campfire to prepare food with it and then sit around it and tell scary stories. Let us be a part of your memories and use our GrillTrade Firestarter to ignite your campfire. It works perfectly with campfires.

Ideal firestarter for your pizza oven

Let’s be honest. We all know that most of the times you just can’t compare a frozen pizza to a real freshly made (almost) Italian one. And why would you waste your money on a takeaway pizza that just doesn’t taste that overwhelming in the end? The solution? There are many not too pricy pizza ovens on the market that you can easily use at home. And what if we told you that you will experience a really great aroma if you use our GrillTrade Firestartes with your personal pizza oven? Since they are made of pinewood, they will give your own pizza a great taste. Try it! You won’t be disappointed!

No bad taste of meats and no odors: get your barbecue going with our firestarters

What is one of the worst things that can happen at a barbecue with friends and family in summer? You might answer rain, which is of course also a very true answer. But there’s another thing that leave a bitter taste in your mouth too. Quite literally speaking. And that is, if you prepared the best quality meat, bought some great sausages and also put several corn cobs on the grill too. And then you ignite the charcoal with a liquid firestarter, that just ruins everything, because you taste the chemicals. What a waste. That’s the reason you should use all natural firestarters like our GrillTrade Firestartes, that won’t leave an odor or taste, when burned.

Charcoal chimneys and our firestarters: a perfect match

Just imagine you’re coming home from a stroll through a wintery forest. And when you were there it suddenly started snowing, so your clothes are all wet and you’re freezing to the bone. But you know, that you’re only minutes away from a nice warm fire in your charcoal chimney that you can sit in front of and just watch the flames as your clothes dry next to you. But don’t forget, when igniting the wood in the chimney you don’t want a chemical smell in your room. So we can highly recommend our GrillTrade Firestarters for your charcoal chimney which won’t leave any smell behind. Just one of burned wood.


50 144

All-natural pine wood shavings Reprocessed and refined pine wood and food-grade wax

Compatible with Solo Stove, Green Egg, and conventional Firepits/BBQs


Suitable for long term Storage

Unlike the usual fire starter squares, fire starter cubes, or lightning nuggets, Grill Trades tumbleweeds fire starter consist exclusively of organic materials, firestarters for woodstoves is safe for cooking
Firelighter has burning time 8-10 min. Need to have among bbq accessories. You need only one piece to light a fire.
The charcoal starter is useful for camping bonfire, Solo stove fire starter, picnic or barbecue parties. It does not take up much space and does not require special storage
This is an excellent gift for your husband or neighbor. Firestarters simplify the process of kindling fire as much as possible. Now you don’t have to use paper, harmful liquids, or electric devices.


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