Tactical Strobe Spot Navigation Light Kit for DJI Avata FPV Drone By Firehouse Technology

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These kits are for Tactical operations (indoor flying) where light is needed for interior illumination as well as allowing light for the positioning sensor to maintain steady flight. 4 Light system with two front Lights, and two bottom lights, and now a snap in battery holder to ensure battery does not eject on crash. We also have an option for the front metal gimbal guards (seen in red) and rear bumpers for extra protection if needed. (see drop down for adding options they are not included on the basic tactical kit.) Designed for public safety tactical missions! . The snap into place and require NO Screws to hold in place that may damage frame if impacted. It also has a 0 profile (Flat on top) which allows the aircraft to access tighter spaces, it also ensures turtle mode to works with mount, mounts with higher profile may inhibit this feature. The 4 Light also allows storage in most cases as it does not protrude up and the bottom lights fit snuggly under the gear! You can also add a rear facing light is needed. The 4 light system has innovative clip mounts to hold the lights for more interior and positional lighting if needed. This has minimal impact on flight times and provides the needed light for interior flying in dark environment. It also helps exterior to maintain LOS. Its designed for SWAT and Haz-Mat teams who may need to fly into structures for recon. The 4 Light system includes the zero profile dual mount, and 2 snap on bottom mounts with 4 Firehouse Micro Lights 2 for the front and 2 for bottom, and snap in battery holder. The lights have 5 modes, strobe, flash, spotlight, flash strobe and tactical strobe (steady for 5 seconds then strobes for 5 seconds to blind occupant. Run times typically are 45-55 mins with full charge. Check out all our products for Drones in our store.
1000 Lumen Light Output lights up dark spaces and allows for flight control and camera image
4 Light kit with Firehouse Technology Lights, does not impact flight time or control
0 Profile design keeps light below frame which eliminates damage from crash, and allows turtle mode
Allows flights in GPS denied spaces where light is needed to control stability


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