Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Snake – Reusable and Compact Gun Cleaning Rope

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Product Description

Ultimate Rifle BuildUltimate Rifle Build

Bundle and Save 10% with Ultimate Rifle Build Gun MatsBundle and Save 10% with Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Mats

Cleaning made easy for your firearm; quick and compactCleaning made easy for your firearm; quick and compact


Stubborn carbon or lead deposits? Clean with a Cleaning rod first, then maintain with our cleaning rope. Your gear will perform well for many years to come if you properly clean, maintain and care for them. It’s a great 9mm Clean gift for your dad, brother, or husband!

COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: Packaged In Clamshell, take it anywhere.FRAY RESISTANT BRAIDING: Strong and sturdy, high-quality stitching, not easy to be tear.INTERWOVEN BRONZE BRISTLES: Embedded brass brush is in the cord to loosen hard deposits.WEIGHTED BRASS TIP: Brass weight slips easily through gear, grasp & pull the cleaning cord through the bore.Washable Reusable: This tool can be washed easily by hand or used in a laundry bag for machine wash.AN EFFICIENT CLEAN IN ONE PASS: One pass loosens carbon fouling & large particles, scrubs out the remaining residue with a bronze brush.

Simple 3-Steps Action !

Step 1Step 1

Step 2Step 2

Step 3Step 3

1. Drop the weighted brass tip into gear.

2. Easily slips brass weight through gear.

3. Grasp & pull cleaning cord through the bore.

Choose the right size bore snake for your caliber firearmChoose the right size bore snake for your caliber firearm

A clean helper for any size cal

This is an excellent clean rope for various cal, No matter the cal size, there is an Ultimate that will clean it. Find your size with multiple options of clean rope to choose from.


Ultimate combined all the advantages. This small clean helper is easier to employ overall. You could quickly clean the inside of your device as haven’t to disassemble it. Our clean rope can be placed into your device caliber from different angles, and pulled out easily and quickly, it’s very convenient for you.

Always prepared-take it anywhere with you; quick and compact firearm cleaningAlways prepared-take it anywhere with you; quick and compact firearm cleaning

[Easy to Carry] They’re small and easier to pack in a bag when you’re out for one or few days. You can use it every time and get out of the old heavy clean tools.

Multiple Sizes

Size Options
Multiples M/L

Size details
M: (11″x17″) / L: (16″x28″) 16″x36″ – with Magnetic Parts Tray

REUSABLE: Solvent Safe, Machine Washable & Reusable Hundreds of Times
COMPACT: Lightweight and compact – fits easly into your pocket, to assure it’s always ready
PROFESSIONAL: Packaged in clamshell. Beware of competitor products which are packaged in zip baggies. Don’t be embarassed when gift giving!
TRUSTED: Unconditional Warranty & supported by our US Support Team. Let us know of any issues or questions.


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