Vital 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit for Family – Be Prepared for Hurricanes, Floods, Tornadoes or Other Disasters – 72 Hours of Food & Water for 2 Per Bag

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Here at Sirius Survival, we have an important understanding of the unknown – and strive to make sure that anybody can be prepared for natural disasters, unforeseen emergencies and survival situations. Our pre-packed survival backpack gives you a huge leg up when a situation arises, so you aren’t scrambling to collect stuff along with your family in a disaster event. Survival Gear for ALL Emergencies for up to 72 Hours This kit contains items that will help you get through emergencies in any event. Plus, food and water for 72 hours for 2 people. From an emergency weather radio, emergency shelters to fire starters and pocket chainsaws – we have rounded up survival tools and gear that can be used for any disaster. We Prepare the Bag so You Can Focus on a Plan In the critical moments of a natural disaster or any other unforeseen event – every moment counts. The less time you have to spend gathering resources gives you critical time to help family, friends or anyone else nearby. It also lets you focus on making a plan of action, preparedness is key! Survival and First Aid Supplies: 1 X Backpack: 20’’ X12’’X10’’ water resistant survival backpack 2 X DATREX 72 Hour Food Rations 1 X Vital Water Filtration Straw 2 X Emergency Shelter 2 X Emergency Poncho 2 X Emergency Blanket 2 X Two Tune High Pitch Whistle 1 X Survival Bracelet 1 X Mini Flashlight 2 X Safety Goggles 2 X Wire Saw 2 X Pair of Heavy Duty Gloves 1 X Multi-Function Wallet Card 1 X 100 Ft Paracord 1 X Multi-Function Pliers 1 X Hand Crank Flashlight, Radio, Charger 1 X Fire Starter 4 X Glow Stick (Up to 12 Hours Per Single Use) 1 X Glass Breaker 2 X Compass 1 X Carabineer 1 X 96Pc Camo First Aid Kit 1 X Medical Tourniquet
Includes Survival Gear Essentials and Safety Equipment – Including a First Aid Kit, a number of survival tools and safety gear. Also included is an emergency weather radio, emergency blankets, emergency shelters and a compass.
5 Year Shelf Life – The emergency food rations are approved by the US Coast Guard and the Vital Water straw can filter water to within 0.2 microns surpassing EPA standards.
Pre-Packed Survival Kit So You Can Focus on a Plan – We take care of the bag prep so that you can focus on a plan of action for you and your family.
QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: At Sirius Survival, quality is our goal. We use only the best manufactures and test every shipment we receive to ensure accuracy and quality standard. That being said, if you’re not satisfied simply return for a full refund.


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